We are a 56 year old company bringing the best products at the best value to our customers. We strive for consistency and reliability in product and service, so that you can grow your business. We ship wholesale bentonite, oyster shell, bran, and zeolite by the truck load to California, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, and Utah.

Our focus is on developing long-term relationships with our suppliers, logistics, and customers. We don’t take short-cuts or sacrifice integrity for a few extra dollars, and this ethic has proven to keep our company profitable and thriving over the 5 decades we’ve been in the business.

If you would like to find out more about our terms, products, or quantities, email us at hillsoncommodities@gmail.com or give us a call toll free at 800.722.6200. We look forward to hearing from you!



BENTONITE  High quality products, including PondSeal, SwellClay and Ice Slicer, for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications.

OYSTER SHELL   High quality, American-harvested calcium for ag-lime, soil conditioner, livestock pen and stall freshener, plus grow shell and lay shell formulas.

BRAN   American-grown, organic bran for agricultural product wholesalers and retailers.

ZEOLITE    The pure and naturally occurring mineral clinoptilolite zeolite has many useful applications, both commercially and around the home.

WINNEMUCCA MUD   Winnemucca Mud is a type of dolomitic limestone formed thousands of years ago. It is used in the dairy industry to maintain livestock health.

“We have worked with these ladies for many years and have always had a great business rapport with them. They are a long time customer for us and we have come to rely on them on a weekly basis. We value their friendship and work ethic. We look forward to working with them of many years to come.”

Joe Mickelson

Vice President, Bastion Trucking, Inc.

We value quality, service, and integrity.